Pipe organs are built to last, their longevity being testament to the design and engineering prowess of the original organ builder and the painstaking care of those who service their needs over the years. Exposure to many decades of varying temperatures, dust,and on occasion even water,will inevitably have an adverse effect on the natural materials that form the pipe organ. This combined with the ‘wear and tear’ from the high demand on the internal mechanics, means that eventually parts may need restoring or replacing


With many organs being singularly unique both musically and mechanically the decision may be taken to restore rather than replace.

We understand that in these situations your role as organ builder, while protecting the intent and artistry of the original builder, is to conserve the instrument for future generations by ensuring its integrity today.These are the same values that we adopt when refurbishing pipe organ components for our clients, respecting their historical and musical provenance while restoring them to their former glory through considered working practices and a fine attention to detail. From keyboards, bellows, consoles to casework we have many years of combined experience in all aspects of pipe organ restoration and offer services tailored to suit your individual requirements.

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